Ed Driscoll

All Apologies

Charles Johnson notes that the British are apologizing to the Nazis for bombing Dresden, just as a group of pro-Saddam far leftwingers in the US are apologizing to the Iraqis for the our removal of Saddam Hussein.

For a little perspective, note that the historical perception of the Allies’ bombing of Dresden was shaped by pro-Hitler author and Holocaust denier David Irving in his first book in 1963. And while I’m sure the apologists to Iraq are big fans of Michael Moore, I wonder if they’ve talked with this filmmaker for his take.

Update: Tim Blair has photos of several subspecies of Moonbatus Americanus in action. As Glenn writes, “Put down all liquids before following this link”.

Best comment on Tim’s site? Andrew X quotes the great P.J. O’Rourke:

“Best of all, there were hardly any beautiful women at the …(1990)… rally. I saw a journalist friend of mine in the Mall, and he and I purused this line of inquiry as assiduously as our happy private lives allow. Practically every female at the march was a bowser. “We’re not being sexist here,” my friend insisted. “It’s not that looks matter per se. It’s just that beautiful women are always on the cutting edge of social trends. Remember how many beautiful women were in the anti-war movement twenty years ago? In the yoga classes fifteen years ago? At the discos ten years ago? On Wall Street five years ago? Where the beautiful women are is where the country is headed,” said my friend. “And this,” he looked around him, “isn’t it.”

That’s a point we’ve made a couple of times around here.