Ed Driscoll

The Best Tap Dancing Since Fred And Ginger

Hugh Hewitt writes that the pressure is on George Stephanopoulos today, as he interviews John Kerry, as US papers are slowly (ever so slowly) starting to break the story of Kerry’s lies about Christmas in Cambodia:

I am guessing that George offers a softball on the motives of the Swifties and avoids the obvious questions: “When were you in Cambodia and who was with you? Who sent you? How many men did you take? And tell us about the magic hat, please?” Watch that space tomorrow [Sunday–Ed]. Not only is Kerry on the spot, so is George. Can you imagine having an interview with Kerry and not asking the hard questions only to then see the story go to high alert on Monday? Every paper in America would be full of accounts of how George S. had let the big on go away.

I certainly hope I’m wrong on this, but I have little doubt that George and Kerry will tap dance around this one like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. And if they haven’t broken it yet, why should newspapers be surprised if Stephanopoulos is as timid and gutless on this story as virtually every “objective” journalist in North America. Proper newspapermen only rush in when there are Republican scandals to break.

Update: Sounds like George performed solo. Can’t wait to read Hugh’s comments!