Ed Driscoll

Lock and Load: Mark Steyn on John Kerry

Like tracer fire over the ink black December skies of Cambodia, Mark Steyn takes aim and fires on John Kerry’s Christmas in Cambodia story.

(Via Hugh Hewitt, who’s been all over this story, since practically breaking it. Also stop by Power Line and Instapundit for lots more on Apocalypse Kerry.)

Update: Break out the brown books! The Clinton-esque smearing of the authors of Unfit For Command has officially begun.

Insta-Update: More dirty tricks here.

A Thought: Assuming the Blogosphere and opinion writers like Steyn keep applying pressure, I’m not sure if the Kerry camp can make the Christmas in Cambodia story go away simply through dirty tricks campaigns. Kerry himself has been quoted too many times–including in Congressional records. And I’m not sure if saying that a sailor has used salty language is going to deter the Swift Boat vets. These men had to know this stuff was coming (just ask Linda Tripp), and if they can survive the Vietcong, they can survive the DNC.

Francis Ford Update:This is end, beautiful friend, the end…”