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UPDATE: Kathryn Jean Lopez writes:

As I understand it, Reagan will lie in state in Sacramento, then at the Capitol. Then there will be a memorial service at the National Cathedral, after which RR will be flown back to California for a sunset interment at the RR Library.

UPDATE: Paul Kengor, author of God And Ronald Reagan has a moving tribute, here.

UPDATE: Terry Teachout has this prophetic quote from Reagan In His Own Hand:

“Communism is neither an ec[onomic] or a pol[itical] system–it is a form of insanity–a temporary aberration which will one day disappear from the earth because it is contrary to human nature. I wonder how much more misery it will cause before it disappears.”

Ronald Reagan, Reagan, In His Own Hand (written 1975, collected 2001)

Teachout looks at another collection of President Reagan’s writings, here.

UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg compares the coverage at CNN and Fox News (I’m watching Fox as I type this, incidentally).

UPDATE: John Kerry’s statement–complete with a nasty dig at the 40th President–here.

UPDATE: Nice tribute to the Gipper from Gabriel Syme of Samizdata.

UPDATE: Speaking of nasty digs, check out Slate’s coverage of a former president’s death: “The Man Who Ruined Republicans”.

UPDATE: Alphecca, a self-proclaimed “gay gun nut in Vermont” has collected some quotes from a few left-leaning blogs on the Gipper’s death. And like Slate, they’re not pretty.

LAST UPDATE (for now): Many more links here.