Ed Driscoll


CATS AND DOGS LIVING TOGETHER: National Review’s Dave Kopel praises Al Franken’s radio show in his column for the Rocky Mountain News. However, he’s not very fond of The Randi Rhodes Show, which follows it:

On the radio, hyperbole and invective usually succeed only if they’re funny – as they sometimes are on Franken and Limbaugh. With Rhodes, however, all you get is the same kind of flat pronouncements you could hear from a seventh-grader in Boulder: George Bush is “deaf, dumb and blind” and “stupid” and “an idiot” and people who vote for Bush are “morons” and “pathological.”

For someone with such a smug sense of intellectual superiority, Rhodes is remarkably ignorant. Monday, for example, brought the bizarre claim that United States bombed Dresden after the Germans had surrendered in World War II. Actually, the bombing was three months before the Germans surrendered.

This sounds like it should be the subject of the next Michael Moore “documentary”.