Tim Graham writes:

Sports Illustrated/ picks winners and losers in the weekend NFL Draft: “The Pats coming away with Miami defensive tackle Vince Wilfork at No. 21 is the NFL equivalent of the Bush tax breaks for the richest Americans. It just doesn’t seem fair.”


Last Wednesday when I arrived early for my focus group, I killed time in the lobby by reading a Sports Illustrated from the week before this year’s Super Bowl. There was a section on “Super Bowl Memories from throughout the years”, which seemed innocuous enough, with several stories written by veteran sportswriters along the lines of “I watched Hunter S. Thompson do blotter acid at the ’72 Super Bowl!” and “Howard Cosell was such a bore when we met him for dinner the night before the ’80 Super Bowl”. But there were also numerous digs at John Ashcroft, Bush 43, and even Bush 41 scattered throughout by Sports Illustrated’s writers.

I guess they figure that conservatives don’t bother reading SI these days.


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