Ed Driscoll


If AP applied the same spin to protestors as they do to bloggers, this headline would read, “Few people Protest on Iraq War Anniversary“.

Charles Johnson notes that yesterday, “Even in the dark heart of idiotarianism, San Francisco, mere “hundreds” turned out for today’s feeble-minded protests against the Iraq War”.

I always thought Scott Ott did a great job of putting the protestors at their peak into perfect perspective in January of 2003.

(Sorry about that last sentence. Alliteration? You’re soaking in it!)

UPDATE: Power Line notes that the protestors aren’t protesting against the war–which of course was over shortly after it began. Instead, in San Francisco, they’re chaining themselves together and blocking theentrancee to Bechtel, one of the chief contractors involved in rebuilding Iraq’s infrastructure. “I can understand how well-meaning people can be opposed to war, one of the greatest evils known to mankind, even in circumstances where their opposition is misguided. But it is a measure of the moral bankruptcy of the left that its protesters now march against reconstruction.”

Great point.

UPDATE (4:20 PM): Roger L. Simon writes, “the real story, the relative failure of the demonstrations, is not addressed at all by CNN and only barely by MSNBC. What’s up with that? (Well, it couldn’t be more obvious.)”

And Power Line (who’s done a superb job on these protests, doing the analysis the traditional media used to do) notes who was sponsoring them: “International Action Center and International A.N.S.W.E.R., both Communist front groups run by the Workers World Party, whose leaders openly support Saddam Hussein and Kim il-Jong. Today’s protests were led, for the most part, by these Communist front groups. Watch for that to be reported in your local newspaper.”