Ed Driscoll


HOPE FOR THE OLD GUYS YET: Warren Sapp signs a seven-year contract with the Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders still have major problems–not the least of which is an abundance of gray hair on their players’ heads. But if he stays healthy, Sapp should help stabilize their defense this year, leaving Norv Turner to focus on what he does best, coaching the offense.

While Sapp departs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they’re at least getting a new wide receiver this year, as the Cowboys and Bucs have completed their swap of wide receivers Keyshawn Johnson and Joey Galloway. Don Banks of Sports Illustrated wrote that deal took so long to complete (a good month, it seems), “I believe Tom Landry and John McKay initiated the trade talks”.

UPDATE: Skip Bayless writes that acquiring Sapp is another coup for Al Davis, and payback for getting creamed by the Bucs in the Super Bowl last year. Who’s next for the Raiders? Bayless writes, “Don’t be surprised if Davis eventually trades for Bengals running back Corey Dillon at Davis’ price. Dillon wants to be a Raider.”