Ed Driscoll


Whenever I’m on the east coast, I take Amtrak from Penn Station in Manhattan to the New Jersey station nearest to where my parents live. And even after 9/11, security is extremely lax.

Which is why the lead to this CNS News article doesn’t surprise me:

In light of terrorist attacks in Spain that killed nearly 200 people, two Republican members of Congress Friday urged Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge to re-examine security measures involving the U.S. rail system. And a noted counter-terrorism expert gave U.S. passenger rail security a grade of “F.”

Last month, I saw one serviceman (who with his M-16, camo fatigues and beret looked a bit like John Amos in Die Hard II) standing on the main floor of Penn Station, and none standing near the actual tracks. After this past week, I hope that changes–and fast.