Ed Driscoll


In a post titled, “George Mitchell, TV News Titan“, Tim Graham writes:

Shop at Amazon.com Left-wingers FOR YEARS have tried to insist that the executive at the top of the Big Media Company is the most important person in the news flow. See the Eric Alterman “What Liberal Media?” chapter title “You’re Only As Liberal As the Man Who Owns You.” People who study the news (and work inside news rooms) know that’s rarely the case. But by this Alterman conspiracy theory, now that former Sen. George Mitchell is the top dog at Disney, ABC News is now run by the man who ruined the first President Bush with his back-stabbing liberal partisanship! How is it that the lefties are now going to say the reporters are liberal, but their bosses balance them out?

It does rather invalidate the “vast right wing media conspiracy” meme that Al Gore and others on the left tried to float after the 2002 elections.