Ed Driscoll


THE DEAN MACHINE COMES CLEAN: Howard Kurtz looks at the in-fighting behind the scenes of the Dean Campaign and writes that Dean’s team concluded that he really did not want to be president.

Roger L. Simon links back to a post he wrote on December 22nd, and says, “You Read It Here First, Folks!”.

Pejman Yousefzadeh writes that “it raises an interesting question“:

Is it possible that such doubts might plague even the Kerry campaign–despite its successes? I doubt that it would plague the Bush campaign–Bush has had four years to think about running again–but of course, one never knows.

Such doubts certainly seemed to plague his father’s reelection campaign (I remember my father telling me at the time, “I get the feeling that if Bush wins, he’ll obviously serve another four years. But he just doesn’t seem that eager to actually win”.) But I’d like think, as Pejman does, that Bush #41’s son doesn’t have them.