Ed Driscoll


NEW PURITANS WATCH: Live in California? This fellow wants to take away your choices when dining out. If you disagree with him, here’s the phone number for his office.

UPDATE: Chron Watch writes:

Why do we somehow think liberals are all for protecting individual rights when as it shows here, they want to control what you eat, what you smoke, what you drive, where you live, how you protect your home and family, how much money you can make and keep, and the most important action, freedom of speech? Once again, Burton shows WHY liberal Democrats are in trouble in California, as Arnold’s election shows. The Dems are misguided in their goals, and disconnected from the needs of the public. While we are battling a smothering state budget deficit, Burton is preoccupied with duck liver. The Democrats know how to control every aspect of our lives, but they can’t do anything we really need.