Ed Driscoll


ONE MORE ON GORE: Ann Coulter was widely attacked by leftists and thoughtful conservatives, for her wide-angle attack on Cold War liberals, Treason. While there were many Democrats who did look the other way when it came to the Soviet Union, there were plenty of thoughtful liberal cold warriors, not the least of which were Harry Truman, JFK, RFK, LBJ, “Scoop” Jackson, Sam Nunn and Jeanne Kirkpatrick.

But Gore’s speech today–which has already been called “awfully close to a charge of treason” by at least one person who heard it, will no doubt bring a “see, I told you so” response from Coulter, and quite rightly so.

Incidentally, has anybody written any articles comparing Gore with FDR’s first WWII veep, Henry Wallace? I’ve only skimmed Thomas Fleming’s The New Dealers’ War a few times since buying it a few weeks ago, but Flemings’ portrait of Wallace make he and Gore seem like remarkably similar fellows.