Ed Driscoll


TROOPERGATE, THE NEXT GENERATION: ABCNEWS.com reports that the state trooper who headed Dean’s security detail for nine years “was repeatedly abusing his wife”. Despite this, Dean “has taken a tough, zero-tolerance stand on domestic violence, accusing the Bush administration of not being committed to the issue”.

Between his gaffes, and scandals coming to the light (gee, now we know at least one reason why Dean ordered his records sealed), Dean’s in trouble. He’s probably got enough momentum to get the nomination, but is his record too flawed to gain any traction come this fall?

UPDATE: On the other hand, Andrew Sullivan is not amused. “What a vile little smear story from ABC News”, Sullivan writes. “I knew this campaign was getting tough, but this kind of irrelevant piece of guilt by association is truly beneath contempt”.

Hey, at least this time, it’s a Democrat being savaged by the press. And it’s not October, so this will all be forgotten by the fall.