Ed Driscoll


WELCOME TO THE XFL: My wife watched Ray Lewis’ fowl-mouthed intro and weird posing during the opening of ABC’s wildcard playoff coverage and remarked–quite accurately–“they’re making it just like the XFL”. Yup–Lewis (the NFL’s defensive MVP this year) does seem like he’s ready for a career in pro wrestling, doesn’t he?

And I feel all warm and fuzzy that you can now apparently say “p***ed off” on national TV and not have it beeped. Because it’s important to teach good sportsmanship and advanced vocabularies to impressionable kids. Of course, be thankful for small favors: at least ABC beeped Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick when he told his team, “F*** the [Tennessee] Titans”.

THE NFL spent decades refining its image, and eventually replaced the pastoral sport of baseball as America’s number one sport in the process. Why are they tarnishing it now?

UPDATE (4:37 PM PST): All that hype, and the Ravens lose 20 to 17.