Ed Driscoll


Novelist and screenwriter Roger L. Simon has some new terminology he’s using on his blog:

What divides our society now is not the old dichotomy between “liberal” and “conservative,” it is those who oppose fascism and those who want to let it be. On this blog, I am going to start calling those sides what they really are — anti-fascist and pro-fascist.

Meryl Yourish adds:

So Roger has the new term: They are now pro-fascists. How else to describe those who insist that Yasser Arafat is ‘the sole legitimate representative of the palestinian people’ yet refuse to admit that he was elected in a sham election against a prop candidate, while all the true candidates were terrorized into not running? How else to explain those who want Ariel Sharon remanded to an international court for ‘war crimes’ while insisting that Saddam Hussein must be removed by his own people because that is an ‘internal’ matter? How else to describe those who protest George Bush’s visit to Britain while completely ignoring the destruction of a British embassy and bank by Islamic terrorists, because that is not the message they’re trying to get out that day?

George Orwell would likely agree.