Ed Driscoll


The New York Times’ protypical Soviet dupe gets to keep his Pulitzer Prize. The Times and, as InstaPundit noted, Robert Fisk dodged a bullet.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan despairs:

Arthur Sulzberger Jr describes the work of Walter Duranty as ‘slovenly.’ That simply misses the point. Duranty wasn’t slovenly; he was an active and knowing apologist of mass murder, tyranny, and brutality. If the Times had won a Pulitzer for someone denying the Holocaust in Nazi Germany, there would not even be a question of the Pulitzer standing. But what Duranty did was no different. It was a wilful attempt to disguise mass murder in order to promote Communist ideology. It wasn’t slovenly; it was extremely diligent and entirely malign. The NYT doesn’t see this. They still fail to see that tolerating mass murder on the left is no different than the same on the right.

Not all that surprising, actually.