Ed Driscoll

RAIDER WOES: Lots of problems

RAIDER WOES: Lots of problems for the defending AFC champs: four Oakland players may be suspended for THG, a designer steroid:

A report on SportsLine.com identified tackle Dana Stubblefield, center Barret Robbins, linebacker Bill Romanowski and defensive tackle Chris Cooper as the Raiders who, pending appeal, will be banned for a violation of the NFL’s drug policy…The suspensions will not take effect until the completion of an appeal process that could include testing of a backup sample and/or a hearing.

Here’s an article that explains more about what THG is.

Meanwhile, AP is reporting that Raider running back Oakland Raiders running back Tyrone Wheatley “hit a photographer outside a federal courthouse Thursday, hours prior to testifying before a grand jury probing a nutritional supplements lab”.

And Rich Gannon is done for the season–and possibly his career, after shoulder surgery.

And they haven’t been selling out home games, despite the fact that they went to the Super Bowl in January!