Remember the “News On The March!!” segment at the beginning of Citizen Kane? It follows right after the endlessly aped vertical tracking shot through Xanadu and Kane muttering “Rosssssssebuddddddd”, dropping his small snow filled globe”, because, as it must to all men, death comes to Charles Foster Kane. (To this day, my dad misquotes that line as “Death comes to Charles ‘Citizen’ Kane”. Play it again, dad!)


During the “News On The March!!” segment, there are man in the street shots of men (in the street) reacting to Kane.

“Charles Foster Kane is a fascist!” one MITS shouts. Cut to another MITS, who shouts:

“He’s a Bolshevik!”

That same sort of reaction is happening to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The day after he announced he was running for the governorship of “Collyvornia“, Jamie Lee Curtis (his True Lies co-star) described Arnold has “a social Democrat” in Republican clothes, even as Katie Couric was breathlessly mentioning that Arnold’s father was a Nazi. (With no mention of Arnold’s grandfather-in-law’s sympathies towards the Reich.)

And while there’s no doubt that while Arnold will have an (R) next to his name on October’s ballots, he’s an awfully squishy Republican. Which, as a post on Dean Esmay’s Weblog notes, is leading towards all sorts of unintended consequences:


Along with Hanks, pot-loving actor Woody Harrelson is set to join the fight against Schwarzenegger. “Woody is diametrically opposed to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political positions,” a spokesman for Harrelson told PAGE SIX. “He does not support the candidacy.”

As a writer on Esmay’s site puts it, “Diametrically opposed? Since Arnold is pro-choice and pro-gay rights, what does that say about Harrelson?”

Probably that’s he’s in a Xanadu-like fog of his own.


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