Ed Driscoll


THE OUTRAGE OF THE NIGHT, as spotted by Charles Johnson. Utterly astonishing. I used to think that AP was a notch above Reuters.

I was wrong.

UPDATE: If you ever watched PBS’s Ethics in America series of (literally) roundtable discussions in the late 1980s (please tell me you did–I have a feeling I’m the only person in America who ever watched this show, which is probably still rerunning to this day), you may have seen the 1989 episode where the host asks Mike Wallace and Peter Jennings if they would take sides in a war against America. Foreshadowing precisely CNN’s role in the first Gulf War less than a year later, both said not a chance: we’re reporters; we’re neutral. (As Charlton Heston once famously asked CNN, “Who do you think you are? Switzerland?”)

Ironically of course, like CNN, the BBC, and Peter Jennings, AP has a unique, and rather slanted definition of “neutral”.

If I was Fox, I would repeat the clusterfarg that Johnson documents over and over and over.