Ed Driscoll


ARE THE IRAQIS FAKING NEWS FOOTAGE? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Strange video of Iraqis shooting into a river (The Tigris?) at “a downed US pilot” just shown on CNN with a surprising amount of incredulity from Wolf Blitzer, with numerous “reporters” clicking away with still camera. Hopefully CNN has learned their lesson from the Peter Arnett “milk factory” debacle during the first Gulf War.

The US is claiming that no US planes went down in Iraq. And I tend to believe them, given our overwhelming (near total) air superiority.

UPDATE (6:16 PM): John Derbyshire has an important tip for the Iraqis shooting into the water: “Memo to those idiots shooting into the Tigris, hoping to spot two downed American airmen: Airmen who survive the downing of a military fighter jet do so with the aid of p-a-r-a-c-h-u-t-e-s. Which f-l-o-a-t.”