Ed Driscoll


WE’RE GONNA PARTY LIKE IT’S 1969! Several shots of protestors in tied-dyed T-shirts from KTVU, channel #2. Guys, the 1960s are over. As I wrote in December:

Vietnam is doubly instructive here–it was the high-water mark of the anti-war movement, which gained traction because the US military was ineffective in Vietnam, partially due to using tactics developed 25 years earlier in World War II. (And yes, that’s a gross simplification, and Robert McNamera, Westmoreland, and Johnson’s rules of engagement didn’t help things. But you get the idea.)

But each component of the military radically changed its tactics after Vietnam. The anti-war movement is still stuck in a 30 year old timewarp.

And it’s got to feel strange for them, to find the military’s thinking more modern than theirs.

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