Ed Driscoll


LEAVING THEM BEHIND: Andrew Sullivan writes:

The lesson from this is a simple one: we have to abandon the U.N. as an instrument in world affairs. I’m not saying complete U.S. withdrawal, although I’m beginning to think that now makes a lot of sense. I mean temporary U.S. disengagement. The body is now a joke of immense proportions. If it cannot enforce a resolution it passed only a couple of months ago, it cannot enforce anything. If it cannot read the plain meaning of its own words, it is an absurdist theater piece, not a genuine international body. It isn’t in danger of becoming the League of Nations. It now is the League of Nations.

I actually watched a couple of minutes of the UN’s Kabuki theater while visiting a friend in New York this morning. When the ambassador from Syria used the discussion regarding Iraq as a launching point against “Israeli racism”, it was even more obvious than before that this is a sham.

One advantage of Bush working the UN however, rather than attacking Iraq immediately after Afghanistan, is of course that it allowed the UN, along with France and Germany to be shown as the charlatans they truly are. And–assuming victory in Iraq–that’s an incredible quadruple play for Bush.

Speaking of which, as a great man once said…”Let’s roll”–and (now that we’re done with the UN) the sooner the better.