Ed Driscoll

WOW--WHAT TIMING! No sooner did

WOW–WHAT TIMING! No sooner did I post below comparing the US’s upcoming war to liberate Iraq with our earlier efforts in Kosovo, and clicked through some of the links contained within it, did I find this post by Stefan Sharkansky comparing the media’s coverage of a Democratic president waging war in 1999 with his Republican counterpart planning to do the same–and for far less shaky reasons–in 2003:

NATO’s bombing of Serbia lasted less than three months, and ended with the withdrawal of Yugoslav forces from Kosovo and their replacement by NATO ground troops. Milosevic was ousted less than a year and a half later. Life in Serbia and Kosovo seems to be an improvement, at least, from what was there before the NATO campaign. The liberal media doesn’t seem to have learned anything since then to overcome its near evangelical belief in unilateral pacifism. And the [San Francisco] Chronicle has taken a giant step backwards, toward the Progressive’s fantasy view of the universe.

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