Ed Driscoll


EMOTIONS, NOT FACTS: That’s what Jonah Goldberg writes is behind the anti-war movement, using Mary McGrory’s explanation as to why she’s no longer anti-war as a springboard.

“One gets the distinct sense that if Al Gore were in office, they’d have no problems with toppling Saddam”, Jonah writes.

Of course.

I’ll never forget the conversation I had back around 1999 with an attorney who was an acquaintance of my wife, while we had dinner at a Los Gatos restaurant with another couple and her. A sixty-something hyper-liberal, after she had brought up (God knows how we got on the subject) the importance of liberating Kosovo, I casually mentioned that I didn’t see why it was in our national interest to get involved there. She erupted like a volcano with, “We’ve got to liberate those poor people suffering under Slobodan Milosevic!!!! Don’t you understand!!???”, Well, no. But I’ll bet any amount of money she’s against liberating the equally suffering people of Iraq, largely–if not entirely–because of who will get the credit for it.