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SOTU: Want wall-to-wall State of

SOTU: Want wall-to-wall State of the Union Coverage? Click here for Patrick Ruffini, here for Orrin Judd, and here for Laurence Simon. (I’ll add a link to Glenn Reynolds when he’s posted his comments.)

As for the Democrats’ response, Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Green are in agreement that the Democrats have found, as Jonah writes, the “perfect recipe for minority party status”.

UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan has posted his comments. In a similar vein to Jonah and Stephen, he writes:

In many ways, this was a Kennedy-like speech, a speech a Democratic president could have made, if the Democratic Party hadn’t fallen into such moral and strategic confusion. Self-confident, convinced, as he should be, of the benign nature of America’s role in the world, ambitious, and warm, it was a tour de force of big government conservatism, mixed with Cold War liberalism.

UPDATE: Blogging newcomer Dennis Rogers agrees with Cosmo’s dad, and VodkaMan.

UPDATE: Asparagirl chimes in with a subtle point that Bush made.