Ed Driscoll


SOUNDS LIKE MATERIAL BREACH TO ME: Hans Blix is about to issue his report on Iraq. Check out the opening two paragraphs from this AP article:

Iraq’s arms declaration is incomplete, its scientists aren’t cooperating with inspections and Baghdad is obstructing the use of a U-2 plane which could be helpful in the hunt for weapons of mass destruction.

After two months on the job, the chief weapons inspectors, who will issue their current assessments to the Security Council on Monday at 10:30 a.m. EST, can’t confirm claims by the Bush administration that Iraq is rearming. Inspectors still don’t know what happened to Iraq’s stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons or how much time they have left to find the answers.

And then there’s paragraphs one, two, four and five of the UN resolution regarding Iraq, all of which Iraq is in violation of.

It’s going to be a fascinating State of the Union speech on Tuesday…

UPDATE: Colin Powell, the most dovish member of the administration said today that “he has lost faith in the inspectors’ ability to conduct a definitive search for banned weapons programs”, according to this AP article.