Ed Driscoll

USEFUL IDIOTS: Roger D. Carstens

USEFUL IDIOTS: Roger D. Carstens on Iraq and Sean Penn:

I am all about learning about strategy, policy, and the regional implications of war against Iraq. I just think that the wrong place to do that is in Baghdad. Being led about by duplicitous Iraqi authorities will not bring one to a series of satisfactory conclusions about the use and efficacy of diplomacy and military force. In visiting Iraq, was Penn allowed to visit the torture cells, where countless prisoners spent their last painful moments on earth? Was he brought to the sites where young girls were raped before their fathers as a form of political punishment and intimidation? Was he flown to the Kurdish villages, where thousands perished in Saddam’s chemical attacks against his own citizens? Of course not. In truth and fact, Penn’s sanitized trip was devoid of the things that he really needed to see.

Too bad Penn didn’t take Dan Hanson’s advice.

Off course, all of this could have been avoided, had he simply paid more attention in Mr. Hand’s class.