Ed Driscoll


SEE ANOTHER MOVIE: Jonathan Last of the Weekly Standard really, really hated Die Another Day, the latest James Bond movie.

Will my wife and I go see it? Probably. But it doesn’t sound like we’d be missing much if we didn’t:

If nothing else, “Die Another Day” will be remembered for this bit of ingenuity: The producers found a way to get product placement for three different cars. Jinx gets a Ford Thunderbird, the villain gets a Jaguar, and Bond gets his Aston Martin. The negotiations for how the duel between these machines was to proceed must have been dizzying.

So where does “Die Another Day” fit in the hierarchy? Somewhere beneath “Moonraker” and above, say, “Casino Royale.”


UPDATE: On the other hand, Roger Ebert liked it. I like Ebert (we’ve exchanged a handful of emails, and he’s always been gracious), but he can be–shall we say–merciful at times: I don’t think my wife ever forgave him for giving the excrementally awful Buffalo 66 three stars.