Ed Driscoll

UNPLUGGED U: Wired looks at

UNPLUGGED U: Wired looks at Dartmouth’s 802.11 wireless network. We took a look at USC’s efforts in the current issue of Planning magazine, the house organ for the members of the American (Urban) Planning Association. Unfortunately, it’s only available to members. But I from interviewing engineers at USC, I suspect both campuses are using 802.11 to reduce networking costs, provide greater flexibility to students and professors, and offer a great recruiting perk.

Not to belabor the same sort of point I made below, but there’s got to be some real battles going on, if only emotionally, between college and university engineers and researchers, who are using logic, science, technology and rationality to solve problems, and historians, philosophers, and sociologists, who consider all of those traits to be dated imperialist dogma.

(Wired link thanks to Orrin Judd.)