Ed Driscoll


ED ON DEAD TREE UPDATE–here’s where to find me in print this month:

I have an article on the home theater of Mr. and Mrs. Don Rhymer in the November issue of Audio/Video Interiors (my subscriber copy just arrived at my house this weekend). Don Rhymer is the screenwriter of Big Momma’s House, among other movies and sit-coms. The Rhymers have created a very child-friendly home theater, under the logical assumption that they’d rather have their teenagers and their friends home, where they can keep an eye on them, than doing God-knows-what at a friend’s house.

My history of the Les Paul Custom guitar is in this month’s Vintage Guitar magazine. This article began as an offshoot of this post, and my online interview with Les Paul himself. It’s an all Les Paul issue in Vintage Guitar (the man and his guitars), so if you’re interested in guitars, be sure to check it out.

My article on Stanley Kubrick and his computers, which we first tipped you off about first here, is in this month’s Nuts & Volts.

Fans of 802.11b wireless networking should check out my article in this month’s Home Automation magazine, which explains how to add a wireless spur to an existing hard wired Ethernet.

And an article I’m particularly proud of, but may not be too easily obtained, is a piece I wrote on the urban planning implications of 802.11 for this month’s issue of Planning, the house organ of the American Planning Association.

The Summer Fall issue of Smart TV & Sound has my article on DirecTV’s interactive services, which is also available online, but don’t let that stop you from running out and buying truckloads of hard copies!

So wake the kids, feed ’em with diet pills, and head over to your local magazine seller, and stock up today!