Ed Driscoll

LAW & REORDER: FOXNews.com says

LAW & REORDER: FOXNews.com says that “retiring U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson is returning to his acting and legal roots as the new chief prosecutor on NBC’s Law & Order“.

Which might be lots of fun to watch. Law & Order prior to Chris Noth and Michael Moriarty leaving, was one helluva show, with tightly plotted scripts, a novel structure (always rare for TV), and great atmosphere. Post Noth, and especially post all the spin-offs (coming this fall: “Law & Order: Special Parking Tickets Unit”), Law & Order has just seemed flabby and soft. Maybe Thompson’s Steven Hill-like presence will inspire the writers to return to the show’s roots as a tough, gritty cop show, instead of a platform for the social issue of the week. (Probably not, but one can hope.)

Fortunately, the early, kick-ass episodes of Law & Order are frequently repeated by A&E I really enjoy watching them.

And apparently, lots of other people do too, as Universal is releasing the first season of the show on DVD this fall.