Ed Driscoll


Steven Den Beste finds a fascinating article that puts the disparate pieces together: anti-globalism, multiculturalism, the International Criminal Court, and several other “isms”. Den Beste says, “It also ties in with the entire idea that nations should have high taxes, central control and heavy social spending. These things don’t seem to be related, but they all express the same fundamental political philosophy.” Den Beste adds:

Transnational progressivism is fundamentally authoritarian; it believes in the rule of the enlightened few over the unwashed masses, for their benefit. They are stupid and cannot be permitted to make up their own minds, and the enlightened few will do the right thing for them despite themselves. It is profoundly repugnant to every value I hold as a Jacksonian and a supporter of the fundamental principles on which the American system was founded.

It’s a brilliant post–like reading a Toffler book in miniature. “Now I know why they hate us,” Den Beste says. Read his post and you probably will understand, too.