NOT SERIOUS. Andrew Stuttaford's take

NOT SERIOUS. Andrew Stuttaford’s take on the administration’s refusal to arm pilots:

Is the administration serious about counterterrorism in the skies? It would seem not. Speaking to the Senate today, Under-secretary of commerce John Magaw has testified that the White House will continue to oppose arming pilots. Add this stance to the continued presence of Norm Mineta in government, and air travelers have every reason to be concerned that the White House’s attitude to their safety is a combination of the frivolous, the foolish and the feeble. When it comes to flight security, the Bush administration seems to put PC over protection and bureaucracy over imagination. What a disgrace.


I can understand the Bush administration’s fear of giving a Second Amendment issue to their opponents (especially when read hysterical quips like the one at the top of this page). But Stuffaford is right.


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