HEEEEEEEEEEERE'S BUBBA!! Jonah Goldberg thinks

HEEEEEEEEEEERE’S BUBBA!! Jonah Goldberg thinks Bill Clinton could make a great TV host. Of course, he adds:

I could be wrong. He might be terrible at it. He might get bogged down trying to make housewives understand that the Blue Light Special at K-Mart is really the culmination of the globalization process set forth by his administration. He might become obsessed with defending his presidency as a bulwark against Newt Gingrich’s hordes, while most of the people in the audience are saying “Newt who?”

And if that happens, there’s plenty of upside there. First, he’ll be canceled. But, even better, such a debacle will underscore the true lesson of his presidency: that it was all about him. So let him have his “Me-Watch.” It might even be worth tuning in to.



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