LACK OF POSTING: Today was very much a gathering information for upcoming articles day, so I apologize for the dearth of new posts.

However, he’s a quick update as to some of the places I’ll be appearing on dead tree this month:


Nuts & Volts has my latest bi-monthly “Micro Memories” column. This month’s edition is on the history of Radio Shack’s TRS-80, a computer that lots of us (including myself) cut our teeth on in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Home Automation magazine has an article of mine on integrating X-10 lighting control into a home theater.

Electronic House has my “Man of the House” backpage column on 802.11 and “broadband withdrawal” when travelling.

And next month, Railfan magazine has my article on my Plimpton-esque attempts at operating a 230,000 pound diesel locomotive at the Portola California Railroad Museum. More on this story when the issue appears. (In the meantime, see photos of me in action at the bottom of this page).

To the best of my knowledge, none of these articles are on the Web, so run out and buy lots of copies of each magazine!


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