Ed Driscoll

GOOD QUESTION: Posted anonymously on

GOOD QUESTION: Posted anonymously on The Corner on National Review Online:

Here’s a story from San Diego about a local Arab-American/Muslim rally for the Palestinian cause. A 14-year-old Arab-American girl is quoted saying that she would consider strapping explosives to her body and becoming a suicide bomber. Others quoted talk about these kamikaze kids being the natural fruit of hopelessness. I’m still waiting for CAIR denouncing this kind of irresponsible talk. If a Christian pro-lifer speaks favorably about murdering others for the sake of saving unborn babies, every pro-life group and Christian church leader in the country quite rightly denounces that person — and is expected to by the media, vigilant against fanaticism. So why do I get the feeling we are expected to understand when it comes from Muslims? Why do they get a pass?