BOOKFINDER.COM is celebrating their fifth

BOOKFINDER.COM is celebrating their fifth anniversary this year. I’ve purchased many a used book via their search engine, which searches the catalogs of a variety of new and used online booksellers. The result was that several books that I read as a teenager and then lost (for whatever the reason), as well as numerous out of print or had to constantly borrow through interlibrary loans I’ve since been able to own via Bookfinder’s remarkable search engine.


Bookfinder began in January 30, 1997, when nineteen-year-old UC Berkeley bibliophile and college student Anirvan Chatterjee put his new search engine of online sellers of new and used books online. Chatterjee recently typed up the history of in a brief retrospective. Like the Brothers Judd book review site, or all of the blogs out there, it’s a nifty example of how a business has grown successfully on the Internet, without a zillion dollars in VC funding, an IPO or bond offering.

I first heard about Bookfinder when a friend mentioned it to me (and warned me that she would not be responsible for my purchases there. If you’ve never tried it, I’ll offer the same caveat–if you like used books, it can be a very addicting site.


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