Ed Driscoll


WHY THE CONCERN? Sgt Stryker (back from his one day mission over Macho Grande) wants to know why European leaders are displaying such concern over Yasser Arafat:

So, why all this precious concern over a terrorist thug? Where are the human shields surrounding the delis, supermarkets and discoteques of Israel? Where are the pronouncements over the life of each and every Israeli threatened with death by suicide bombers?

It just strikes me as amazing that lunatic bastards can bomb and kill Israelis and fellow Arabs, and the world merely “denounces” the violence. Where’s the world pressuring Arafat and his cronies? Where are the statements of concern over the Israelis? Why have we not seen press releases warning the Palestinian Authority to not “harm innocent civilians” lest there be dire and grave consequences?

Rod Dreher, on NRO’s The Corner, has one possible answer.