Ed Driscoll

XBOX A FAILURE? Christopher Cross

XBOX A FAILURE? Christopher Cross links to an article that says the Microsoft Xbox videogame console has failed. While I wouldn’t be surprised, there are no sales figures, no statistics, no nothing, except, “A Microsoft spokesman has told the paper there is “strong demand” in Europe but admits there have been no stock shortages.” Err, how is it doing in America, guys? Finally, people forget that the sales of the Atari 2600 didn’t take off until “Space Invaders was released as a cartridge in 1980, and the home videogame industry we know and love today was born.

On a similar note, I doubt UltimateTV has reached the initial sales figures that Microsoft set for it, but it’s still a damn good product–even though it still doesn’t have the broadband support Microsoft promised for it at CES in January of 2001. (Incidentally, didn’t they also promise a broadband connection for the Xbox for multi-player games?)