Ed Driscoll


HOME AUTOMATION TIMELINE: Back around the middle of 2000, Home Automation magazine (then known as Popular Home Automation) changed editors, and a number of projects I was working on for the magazine got scuttled. Several of the articles went to Nuts & Volts, and the Virginia Postrel profile I had written eventually ended up in Flak, in an updated and abbreviated form.

Also in the works (until the idea was dropped) was a timeline of home automation and an accompanying article, which I had already begun to sketch out. While I would heavily revise it, here’s that draft, which is hopefully a fascinating (if convoluted) look at the history of several of the components that would be considered part of home automation, including television, the personal computer, and X10 lighting and appliance control.

(I was of course, also planning to cover the the Internet. However, I was going to rewrite and condense material I had already written, and have since already uploaded to my site, so I deleted it from the draft for brevity’s sake.)