Ed Driscoll

THE RAZZIES: With all of

THE RAZZIES: With all of the talk about the Oscars, I’ve seen little in Blogland about the Razzies, their annual competitors, who handout awards for the worst films in Hollywood. This year, for the first time, a “winner” showed up in person–Tom Green, for Freddy Got Fingered. “Green was cited as 2001’s Worst Actor, Worst Director, co-author (with Derek Harvie) of the year’s Worst Screenplay and as Worst Screen Couple (Green and “Any Animal He Abuses”).” Congratulations, Tom!

The other big “winner”, with three Razzies, was Tim Burton’s awful remake of Planet of the Apes. Hard to believe that the guy who directed the first two Batman films and Mars Attacks and other very quirky but watchable films could have directed such a mess. The day after we saw Apes, my wife and I saw Apocalypse Now Redux, during its brief run in cinemas, reminding us just how far it sometimes feels, that Hollywood has fallen.