BREAKING: AP Reports that Eric Cantor Loses To Dave Brat in VA Primary

“House Majority Leader Eric Cantor loses GOP primary to tea party challenger Dave Brat in Va.,” AP is reporting at ABC News.

“Cantor internal poll claims 34-point lead over primary opponent Brat,” the Washington Post reported on Friday.


PJM’s new one-stop primary Website, The Grid notes that AP has called VA for Brat and adds, “This is a shock, and must be chalked up primarily to Cantor showing unreliability on comprehensive immigration reform. He lost the trust of the voters in VA-07. And he has paid for it.”

Kudos to my fellow PJM colleague David Steinberg, who spotted Cantor’s woes early and often over the past several months. Click over to David’s column at PJM for flashbacks.

A very different AP — Allahpundit — breaks out the legendary Hot Air Humpbot to celebrate Brat’s win over the pro-amnesty Cantor. And speaking of celebrating:



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