Time-Warner-CNN-HBO Spokesman Watches Fox, Now That CNN has 'Gone in the Toilet'

Joe Klein of Time magazine, tell us how you really feel about your corporation’s TV news division!

While a guest on the 92Y American Conversation program on Sunday, TIME magazine political analyst Joe Klein vented to host Jeff Greenfield of the Public Broadcasting System: “I miss being able to turn on a straight newscast” after returning home at 6 o’clock on weekdays.

He added that the only place he can find such a program in that format and at that time is the Fox News series Special Report With Bret Baier before declaring: “It is such an embarrassment to our profession” that the Cable News Network “has gone in the toilet the way it has.”

“I come home,” Klein stated, “and I turn on CNN at 6 o’clock at night because that’s something I kinda do in preparation for the 6:30 network news to see what Wolf [Blitzer, whose series uses his first name as its title] is being really hyperbolic about, and he’s talking about the plane!”


As Randy Hall adds at Newsbusters, “Klein asserted that the only other option is ‘to go to MSNBC and see the Rev. Al Sharpton, who I still consider to be a major criminal.'”

Bill Maher, another Time-Warner-CNN-HBO spokesman, has also attacked CNN’s all flight #370 all the time coverage: Maher tweeted that CNN founder Ted Turner “wishes he was dead so he cld roll over in his grave.”

I wonder what Turner thinks of who’s running the network these days and his programming decisions?

Update: CNN looks to turn it all around this Sunday, when it blows the lid off the breaking story that vexes us all in the 21st century: the 1970 shooting at Kent State.

I wonder if they’ll mention the Hard Hat Riot that occurred in response shortly afterward in New York, but I won’t hold my breath.


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