Actual Politico Headline: 'Obamacare Tradeoffs: Now They Tell Us …'


As Ace writes, the Obamacare disaster is so big, Obama’s palace guard media is now forced to pretend that “they were snookered by Obamacare, same as us,” if they hope to have any shred of credibility left to do the heavy lifting in 2016 to aid fellow Democrats Hillary or Elizabeth Warren in their quest for the White House


Well, not us. We got it. But the media is now claiming that they were snookered along with the rest of the Low Information Voters.

Sort of like they’re turning to us now, after having echoed Obama’s lies about Obamacare for five years, and saying, “Can you believe the bullshit this guy is tellin’ us…?”

Um, guys? You told us the same bullshit.

You know how Obama poses as a spectator to his own Administration? As someone who has no responsibility to actually do a good job, but only to criticize the government when it fails to do a good job?

Watch Politico attempt the same maneuver here– apparently forgetting that as a news operation focused only on DC and the laws promulgated there, they had a responsibility to report the actual facts about Obamacare:

[Headline:] Obamacare tradeoffs: Now they tell us …

They’re telling you this now? Were you incapable of reading the law or the Federal Register? Did you feel no obligation to check the veracity of Obama’s claims? Did you feel that Senator Enzi’s detailed chapter-and-verse explanation of how Obamacare would boot off millions from their insurance companies was Obviously A Lie, just because he’s a conservative?

Did you have any responsibility to look into this a little bit more thoroughly than not at all?


Well, it’s not like Politico’s Mission Statement promised that the Website will “share with readers a lot more of what we know instead of leaving it in our notebooks:”

We won’t usually be chasing the story of the day. We’ll put our emphasis on the “backstories” — those that illuminate the personalities, relationships, clashes, ideas and political strategies playing out in the shadows of official Washington.

Reading a story should be just as interesting as talking with the reporter over a sandwich or a beer. It’s a curiosity of journalism that this often isn’t true. The traditional newspaper story is written with austere, voice-of-God detachment. These newspaper conventions tend to muffle personality, humor, accumulated insight — all the things readers hunger for as they try to make sense of the news and understand what politicians are really like. Whenever we can, we’ll push against these limits. In the process, we’ll share with readers a lot more of what we know instead of leaving it in our notebooks.

At, you’ll find this kind of reporting and analysis in our blogs. Our presidential blogs will be written by Ben Smith, following the Democrats, and Jonathan Martin, focusing on Republicans. For the latest maneuverings on Capitol Hill, we’ll have “The Crypt,” written by reporters John Bresnahan and Patrick O’Connor. For the latest in Washington gossip, no one will prove better connected than Anne Schroeder, author of the “Shenanigans” blog. Anchoring our presidential coverage in both the paper and the Web site will be political columnist Roger Simon and chief political reporter Mike Allen — both among Washington’s most visible and experienced journalists.


So in other words, leftwing hacks on Ezra Klein’s JournoList who championed nationalized healthcare and had no problems lying or looking the other way at facts that might prevent that glorious socialist Start From Zero One Year One from occurring. Thanks fellas — glad we cleared that up.

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