‘More Than a Fad, It’s a Sign of the Descent into Savagery’

“Tattoos: the obviously poor choice,” writes Vox Day:

Think about how dumb your senior yearbook quote is. Then imagine it following you around for the rest of your life, advertising how your mind hasn’t improved since you were a teenager.

The increased popularity of tattoos and other forms of body decoration are visual reminders of the gradual decline of civilization in the West. Like music and art, personal decor is indicative of the long term societal trend. It’s more than a fad, it is a sign of the descent into savagery.


Plus this:

Sometimes Steve Sailer cracks me up:

Commenter slumber_j points to this New Yorker cartoon about “The subtext of all tattoos:” “Ask me about my parents’ divorce.”

A related subtext might be: “I come from a long line of rash decisionmakers.” On women, tattoos often seem to imply: “Pay attention to me because I, obviously, make poor choices, so you might get lucky.”

Yet another reminder that even the New Yorker can escape the law that says that all comedy is conservative.

Found via Aaron Clarey, the Blogosphere’s “Captain Capitalism,” who adds, “Not A Lot of Nose-Pierced Investment Bankers,” either.


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