Unicorn Flatulence is the Ultimate Flex Fuel

“Quote of the Week,” as dubbed by Kate of Canada’s Small Dead Animals blog, who found it in the comments of Richard Fernandez’s Belmont Club page here at PJM:


You can think of the Volt as the ultimate in flex-fuel. It runs 30% on coal, 40% on natural gas, 9% each for nuclear and hydropower. Of course, the overhead losses in generation, distribution, conversion, and storage are immense.

It is also worth noting that the current Administration is against coal, natural gas, nuclear power and dams.

Speaking of which, add Evan Thomas, late of Newsweek (who famously compared Obama to God in June of 2009), now with the Politico, to the list of journalists who believe that Obama needs to drive up energy prices even further:

[GORDON PETERSON, host of PBS’s Inside Washington, this past Friday]: Okay, Mitt Romney says his energy plan will create more than three million jobs, will open up more areas for drilling off Virginia and North Carolina – these two states critical to the national election. He’s a numbers guy, Evan. This is his ballpark here.

EVAN THOMAS, POLITICO: But he is also, as usual, being phony. He also says it will bring down gas prices, energy prices. That’s not true. We’re on a global market. No matter how much we drill, it’s not going to have a big impact on energy prices. So that part is not true. Actually, it would be better if energy prices went up because we need to develop alternative sources…

NINA TOTENBERG, NPR: Which he’s not really very interested in.

THOMAS: No, he’s not, but he’s, you know, they’re doing the “Drill, baby, drill” thing. They’re trying to make a complicated issue emotional, and demagoguing it for the campaign.


Demagoguery you say? From the perspective of consumers, it’s coming from the MSM, not the GOP — we can add the already JournoList-tained Politico to NBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post, which joined Obama and his Steven Chu, his energy secretary to call for energy prices to rise in the midst of the recession.

Something to think about when you gas up your car this week:

Update: “Gasoline Rising to Holiday High as Storm Surge Presses Obama,” Bloomberg News reports. Hey, good news! Right, Evan, Tom, Pinch, Barry and Steve?

(Gas pump photo via Instapundit, used with permission.)



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