The Five Stages of Leftwing Grief, Revisited

At last month, Rob Long explored “The Five Stages of Grief: The Left Wing Now Gets Angry:”

It’s all part of the Kubler-Ross model, the Five Stages of Grief. Now they’re turning to Stage Two: Anger. Angry at the voters, at Fox News, at Obama himself.Next up: Bargaining. I’m not sure when that’s going to start — probably a few weeks after Labor Day. But as always, what we’re all waiting for is Stage Four: Depression.


Stage Three has arrived:

Last night I attended a book party for Young Guns. While there, I heard an interesting tidbit from a couple people I trust. Apparently the Judiciary Committee’s majority staff approached the minority staff with a seemingly gracious offer: Why don’t we refurbish the digs for the minority staff? They look a bit rundown.

This was welcome news since the minority staff (i.e., the Republicans) has been asking for a spruce-up for four years but got nothing from the Dems. But now, suddenly, the Democrats are very concerned about the quality of the digs they will have to use if they lose the majority. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence and it was all out of the goodness of their hearts.

As for Stage Four?

The Washington Examiner reports that DC’s mass-transit system is “poised to start suicide-prevention program,” adding that the program could begin “as early as December to detect and potentially prevent suicide attempts.”


Seems like a rather prudent move, all things considered. As for those redecorating plans, Restoration Hardware has you more than covered.


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