Great Conservative Minds Think Alike

Last year when I doing “Obama as a Reverse Von Clausewitz” riffs in regards to what seemed like a deliberate attack on the American middle class, I thought I was being a tad hyperbolic. But check out this line from a reader of legendary conservative’s conservative Andrew Sullivan, as spotted by Dan Riehl:


Don’t forget the President is still following the script from Doris Kearns-Goodwin’s A Team of Rivals, along with all his other readings on Lincoln.  President Lincoln calmly, deliberately, and with a lot of mistakes and few successes for several years led us to victory in the Civil War.  Oftentimes he was at odds with his own party, at least the “Radical Republican” wing.  Lincoln, and much of the North, even believed he would lose the election for a second term until Sherman took Atlanta. That’s the model Obama is following with regard to the Republican insurgency, slow, steady, smart, and ultimately, successful (we still hope).

Somebody’s taking their moral equivalent of war analogies just a tad too seriously. Not to mention forgetting which party was which during the 19th century. (Robert Byrd could not be reached for comment.)


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