Palinphobia Strikes Deep

Don Surber has some thoughts on the > Blog Archive >> Palinophobic” href=””>Palinophobic Liz Smith:


Liz Smith shows her ignorance.

In her column today, Smith of The New York Post shows her ignorance as well as her envy for the $7 million advance that Republican Gov. Sarah Palin can expect if she writes a book.

Wrote Smith: “What could Sarah Palin, age 44, write of a life still so young? Anything she damn well wants to write. The public, it seems, is just waiting to lap it all up like that finger-lickin’ moose stew.”

Barrack Obama was 34 when he finished, “Dreams from My Father.”

By the way, Palin has been a beauty queen (OK, runner-up), a sportscaster, a business partner with her husband, the mother of 5, a reform mayor, a reform governor and a candidate for the vice presidency.

She’s no community organizer though–and let’s face it, age 44 is “a life still so young” as Smith writes; it’s not until you hit the wizened age of 47 when the Lincoln, FDR, JFK, RFK, RWR comparisons start to flow in.

Elsewhere, the Moonbattery blog collects more examples of the Palinphobic left–and even, as astonishing as this will be to many, that always cool, unflappable, conservative’s conservative himself, Andrew Sullivan.

(Don’t miss Bill Maher’s reaction to one of Andrew’s rare moments of excitability.)

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